Special Events

MLK Block Party

Every July, the center will host its annual MLK Block Party for the community. The day will start with a BBQ Contest, Bingo Tournament at 4 pm, Free Family Meal and Gospel Presentation at 5 pm, Live music, inflatables and rides, a food pantry, free haircuts, toiletries, and more. We require 60+ volunteers to make this event successful. If you are willing to volunteer, please get in touch with the center.

BBQ Contest

Every MLK Block Party in July, the Friendship Center will host its annual BBQ Contest called “Smoke the Competition.” This will be a fundraiser for the center and provide the kickoff event for each MLK Block Party. Chicken and Ribs will be provided for each contestant. To register, please email smokethecompetitioncontest@gmail.com today!


The Friendship Center hosts a Halloween Party for adults and children each October! We start the evening with a massive group game, with a fabulous grand prize. There will be candy and fun for the kids. Then we will have dinner provided by a local group, and sometimes we finish the night watching a kid-friendly movie at 6:30 pm.  Popcorn provided!!!!

The winner receives a $30 gift card for the best Halloween Costume. Please dress appropriately for an Adult and Kid-friendly party!!!!

Christmas Family Store

Each year, the Friendship Center ministry partners adopt children, teens, and single mothers who attend one of our ministries for Christmas. We ask each adoptive parent to spend up to $150 total for all three Christmas gifts. Please respect our limits. Each participant asks for two items of clothing, one pair of shoes, and one fun item. We ask that each gift be wrapped individually and with a nametag on them, and please return all donations by December 1st. Parents will then have a chance to purchase such items at 80% off retail value. This gives parents a chance to decide what gifts their children receive and gives them the empowerment to provide for their families.

If interested, please email Joe at ministry@friendshipcenterdsm.org.