Food Pantry & Family Fun Night Dates for 2018






BINGO TOURNAMENT at 4 PM, DINNER at 5 PM, and MOVIE at 6:30 PM (Summer Months Only)

  1. March 31st- hosted by Sara Struble-Osterloh Group
  2. April 21st- hosted by Dianna Sparks’s Sunday School Group
  3. May 26th (Movie Night)- hosted by Jared Segerstrom’s Small Group
  4. June 23rd (Movie Night- “I can only Imagine”)- hosted by Jene Knicely’s Small Group
  5. July 28th (Movie Night-“Inside Out”)- hosted by Matthew Risberg’s Small Group
  6. August 25th (Movie Night-“God’s Not Dead”)- hosted by New Bridge Church
  7. September 29th (Movie Night-“Cars 3”)- hosted by Van Meter Baptist Church
  8. October 27th (Halloween party) hosted by Londa Crigger’s Small Group
  9. November 17th (Thanksgiving Dinner)- hosted by Nick Harsh’s Small Group
  10. December 15th (Christmas Dinner)- hosted by Aaron Pal’s Small Group

Facebook Invitation

146! Since November 1st, the Friendship Center has welcomed 146 new individuals to the center’s ministry. Thank you!!! The Center would like to invite all 546 facebook followers to consider joining the Friendship Center’s 100 for the 2018 Calender year. What is the Friendship Center 100?

The Friendship Center 100 is a group of 100 people who care about the Friendship Center and desire to see its ministries significantly impact the surrounding community. The basic structure of the Friendship Center 100 is that each member commits to an annual term of partnership in which they will be invited to quarterly events and will be expected to contribute $100-$150 each quarter.

For those that choose to support the Center in 2018, the center would like to offer you a Thank you gift. Each new supporter that commits to one year of support will receive a FREE Friendship Center T-Shirt, 5 Inspiring Films from the Kendrick Brothers and an ESV Bible.

Those interested, please contact the center at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org and be signed up TODAY!!!!!

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Christmas Season/First Month Recap

Good Afternoon FBC Family and Friends,

We have our Food Distribution this Thursday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. All other activities from the center are closed until January 8th. During the break, I will be working on painting, organizing the diaper room, making Kids Club changes and schedule and reaching out to “The 100” on our first meeting in February 2018. If you have any suggestions on types of ministries the center could be involved in 2018, please send your suggestions to ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org. Here is a quick update on the ministries happening at the Center.

Kids Club (Avg 40 + for combined both days)
Had their Christmas party this past week and it was a joy to be a part of. Had some quirks that will be worked out before next year but overall a fantastic experience. Thank you, FBC family. We also had the Christmas brunch on Saturday and was filled at times. ***Side note, people, love popcorn*** Must have gone through 30+ bags of popcorn that day. It was a great blessing and thankful to the volunteers who showed up, made blankets and bought Walmart gift cards to be handed out.

Disciples Youth Group(Avg 13 kids):
Is moving to Friday’s in 2018. If you would like to volunteer to bring a meal, please email Chris at disciples@friendshipbaptistcenter.org and he will put you on the schedule. Disciples Youth Group will have its winter retreat at Seven Oaks on February 9, 2018.  Cost is $13 per student for 2 hours of snow tubing and $6 for each additional hour. If you would like to sponsor a child for this winter retreat, please write “Disciples Retreat” on the For line of the check. The center will pay for any child who is not sponsored, and for renting a van to get to Boone, Iowa. Also, looking for a Fall Retreat for the Disciples Group. So if you know of any camps or places we could take them too, please let Chris know.

Building Updates:
We now have ADT for the security of our building. As of this morning, a local non-profit was broken into and items stolen from their place. The FBC has offered to donate money for their repairs if needed. Have not heard back from them. So if you volunteer at the center and have a key, please call me before entering the Center so you won’t be visited by Des Moines’s finest!!!! My cell number is 515.729.3267

We are changing the Front Door entry and will be receiving a new door and entrance in January. We have been having issues lately with securing the door and will change the way it is swung. Please use the Front door for entering the Center.

Thank you for a fantastic month and a half here at the center, and I look forward to working with you all in 2018. If you have not donated in the fourth quarter, please consider doing so.



Merry Christmas,


Christmas Time at the Friendship Center!

Christmas is almost here!! If you would like to help the Friendship Center here are some options.

The children and youth that come to the after-school programs are “adopted out” and fill out a wish list. These children and youth will also invite the family members living in their house to come to a Christmas Brunch.  Those children and youth who come to the brunch and have not already been “adopted out” will receive a Walmart gift card.

If you want to help us this year you will have two options:

(1)  adopt a child by calling us at 244-1701 for a specific child/children for their exact wish list or email us at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org


(2)  buy a Walmart $25.00 gift card for the Christmas Brunch on Dec. 16th.

The deadline for all gifts is December 4th!!!

We need around 40 gift cards and 30 children and youth to be sponsored!

If you choose to buy for a specific child, we ask that you get what is on the list spending approximately $75 per child. They will select items from the following three categories: 2 pieces of clothing, shoes and something fun. We will send you their “wish” list with their sizes listed.

*Please do not wrap items.

*Place unwrapped items in a gift bag.

*Place the child’s name on the bag.

*Include a detailed list of each piece purchased.

Thanks for all your help!!!

In many cases this is the only Christmas present these children will receive.

Each year we hope to build on positive Christmas traditions and memories – these gifts help us do that.  Thanks for your help in this significant and tangible way to show God’s love.


Ministry Highlight – Kids Club

Kids Club

You read last week that  we want you to know more about the ministries offered at the Friendship Baptist Center. Each of these ministries are intended to foster community as well as minister to a different part of the neighborhood. At the end of this highlight you will find a list of ways to help or contribute. Consider how you might be able to be a part of this community with us!

This week let’s think about Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the Center.

After school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays children (grades K-6) are invited to come to the Friendship Baptist Center for homework help, fellowship time, Bible study, and supper. This is a rich time to get to know each other and invest in the lives of children.

Our adult and teen volunteers work one on one with children with their homework or with quality skill reinforcement exercises. Whether it is something they are doing for their teacher in the classroom or a math or reading skill they are improving on, each week the children at the Center are learning.

Working with children (especially year after year) is such a rewarding experience. Volunteers get to watch a child grow up before their eyes. They get to see children become young men and women who then can come back and help others to grow and become men and women as well. Isn’t that a good description of community? We are there for one another, and we get to pass the baton on. That is what the long-term volunteers at the Friendship Baptist Center get to be a part of.

How can you help?

Immediately – We need volunteers for homework help on Tuesdays. (Remember, this is elementary homework – you can do it!)
– Our annual Safe, not Scary Halloween Party is October 28. Could you (or individuals from your church) run one of the games? It’s fun… you get to laugh, encourage children, and give out prizes! What could be cooler?!

What’s next – In November we will be sending a letter out to our churches and supporters about our annual Christmas party. This is a great time to share the blessings that God has given you with a child (or their family) who regularly attends Kids Club. There are a variety of ways to help at Christmas, so don’t hesitate to contact the Friendship Center with your interest.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of Kids Club in some way, contact us at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org or 515-244-1701.


Ministry Highlight – Community Breakfast

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting the ministries offered at the Friendship Baptist Center. Each of these ministries are intended to create community as well as minister to a different part of the neighborhood. At the end of each highlight you will find a list of ways to help or contribute. Consider how you might be able to be a part of this community with us!

This week let’s think about the Tuesday morning Community Breakfast.

Each Tuesday at 9:30 AM individuals and families are welcome to come to the Center for Breakfast! These breakfasts are a generally simple affair that focus on fellowship and community. Some of the breakfasts are provided by volunteers who want to invest in this community. Others are made right there at the Center by members of the community who want to invest in their friends and neighbors.

At these breakfasts there is also an opportunity to receive help in necessities like bread, diapers, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. Those desiring prayer are also invited to pray with others who care deeply about the members of this community.

I wish that I had the words to explain the sense of camaraderie I feel at our weekly breakfasts. We share stories. We share our lives. It may seem like a little thing, but walking next to one another is a powerful experience. I have been welcomed so warmly there. I think every member of God’s family would be welcomed here.

How can you help?

Immediately – We are out of shampoo right now. Could you donate some?


  1. The necessities that were mentioned above (shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, diapers) are always needed.
  2. Your presence. Maybe you can’t make breakfast, but if you feel led to commit to simply come for fellowship and investment in this community once or twice a month. You can make a difference and it will certainly make a difference in you!

If you are interested in this ministry, or any of our ministries, contact our office at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org or 515-244-1707


Are you a financial partner?

The Friendship Center 100, as you may know by now, is a group of individuals who financially support the work and ministry of the Center.  The funds generated through FC 100 ensure uninterrupted ministry to children and youth through after school programs, a host of hunger ministries and many more community services.

Currently, FC 100 has about 60 members.  We would love to get to the 100 mark before our next quarterly get together (May 4th).

If you have not joined this growing group of donors, I would ask you to consider doing so today.  Your partnership in this work is vital to the success of these ongoing ministries of the Center.  We are grateful for so many who have already partnered and would love to answer any questions you have as you consider joining us as well.

Of course, all gifts to the Friendship Center are tax deductible within accordance to IRS guidelines, as the Center is a 501c3 classified non-profit organization.

Thank you for your prayers, your partnership and your impact in this community.


An Opportunity to Serve

As many of you know, the Friendship Baptist Center is currently taking resumes for a permanent Executive Director for the Center.  The Board wants to make sure that everyone knows about this opportunity and that we are currently accepting resumes for the position.  If you are interested, please email the Friendship Baptist Center at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org or mail your resume to Friendship Baptist Center, PO Box 41188, Des Moines, IA 50314. We are accepting resumes through September 19th, 2017.

For those interested in this position, consider these qualifications and duties:

Friendship Baptist Center

Job Description for Executive Director

Mission and Partnership

  1.     Mission: The Friendship Baptist Center exists to see the people of the community cared for with the love and truth of Christ and incorporated into a caring church community.
  2.     The Friendship Baptist Center staff will develop and execute its own ministry strategies to fulfill its mission and also partner with other ministries to fulfill its mission.
  3.   The Friendship Baptist Center is a 501c3 organization.

Executive Director Qualifications:

  1.     Requires a commitment to the Friendship Baptist Center mission, its core values and a vision for community ministry.
  2.     Strong organizational skills, self-starter with initiative to work independently.
  3.     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  4.     A “people person” who loves people and has a heart to genuinely engage people.
  5.     Prefer a master’s level degree in Divinity, Social Work, Business or equivalent.
  6.     Prefer a minimum of 5 years’ experience in ministry or community service work.
  7.     Must be member of Baptist Convention of Iowa church (or become member upon hiring).


  •      Reports to and is accountable to the Board of Directors of the Friendship Baptist Center.


  1.     To take primary responsibility planning, implementing, and expanding the Center’s ministry including the operation of the building.
  2.     To represent the Center’s ministry in the community and be a liaison to ministry partners.
  3.     To develop ministry partnerships with individuals, churches, and other organizations to develop the Center’s ministry.
  4.     To recruit, train, and supervise paid and volunteer staff.
  5.     To help maintain a pleasant, comfortable, clean and safe Center environment.
  6.     To be responsible for the Center’s finances including an annual budget and monthly reports for the Board of Directors of the Friendship Baptist Center.
  7.     To be responsible for the financial development (fund raising efforts) for the Center.


This is a full-time position with benefits. Salary range and benefit package will be explained at interview.

If you have any questions, please call the Center at 515.244.1701 or email us at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org


Gearing Up

It’s happened! The last camp of the summer finally wrapped up. What’s that mean? Well, it means two things:
1) The Board is excited to invite you to our Volunteer Banquet on September 5 at 6 PM. This year we are inviting our volunteers, contributors, and members of this community to all come together to celebrate what God has done over the last 12 months. This is a night to thank your work for Jesus and this community. The Board will also take opportunity to share about the future. Our future is exciting. Don’t miss the Volunteer Banquet!

2) We are gearing up for an exciting fall here at the Friendship Baptist Center. All of our school year ministries begin: Kid’s Club, Disciples, Mom’s group, ESL, etc. Each of these ministries is a great time where this community and our churches team up to walk together in a particular area. If you are a regular giver to the Center or a member of the Friendship Center 100, thank you so much for making these ongoing ministries possible. As you give, we work together in this community to help, teach, grow, and seek Jesus. We do it together. Please continue to give and see how God will work through your gifts!

One last reminder: Our Interim Director, John Jakes is at the Center nearly everyday. You can contact the Center or the Board through him.
How? Through the phone: 515-244-1701
through email: ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org
or through our Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to contact him in any of these ways with questions or just to say hi. He would love to talk with you.


Finding Ministry at the Center


Back in January, Jon Jamison wrote about the bell that rings at Camp that tells everyone that they are going to change what they are doing.  On June 30th we heard that bell at the Center again.  We celebrated 18 years of ministry with Jon, Mindy, and Maggie.  Then, we prayed for them as God leads them to new opportunities in South Carolina.  Changes just keep coming, don’t they?!




One thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to minister here at the Friendship Baptist Center.  Beginning July 1, I (John Jakes) began to serve as our Interim Director.  Who is John Jakes?  I am a long time volunteer and pastor here in central Iowa.  I have been serving in Indianola at Calvary Baptist Church for the last 10 years.  My family and I have helped out at the Friendship Baptist Center for almost that entire time.  It is exciting to see how this community is growing and changing for God.  Last year, we saw over a dozen children pray to receive Christ.  We are just half-way through the summer and already we have seen five children make that commitment to Jesus.  There are two weeks of camp left!


I am excited about what is happening here at the Center over the rest of this summer.  We have two camps coming up that are being invested in by returning mission groups.  In August we will be seeing folks come for our community breakfasts every Tuesday.  We will be encouraging families with back-to-school supplies at our August Saturday supper, and we will be helping the hungry during the food distribution on the third Thursday in August.

We are also gearing up for fall as all of our school-year volunteers get ready to minister through Disciples, Kids Club, ESL and other great ministries.  If you’ve been involved in the past, let us know that you want to continue at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org.  If you have been waiting to get involved, shoot me a note and we will get you involved!

Change does come.  Sometimes it makes us nervous.  I was just reading this week from Psalm 139:4-6.  David says of God, “Even before there is a word on my tongue, Behold, O LORD, You know it all.” (4)  Like David, I am absolutely astounded that God knows it all even before I do or even think it.  That gives me confidence.  God is in control.  I can’t wait to see what He is going to do through His people at the Friendship Baptist Center!

John Jakes
Interim Director, Friendship Baptist Center