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146! Since November 1st, the Friendship Center has welcomed 146 new individuals to the center’s ministry. Thank you!!! The Center would like to invite all 546 facebook followers to consider joining the Friendship Center’s 100 for the 2018 Calender year. What is the Friendship Center 100?

The Friendship Center 100 is a group of 100 people who care about the Friendship Center and desire to see its ministries significantly impact the surrounding community. The basic structure of the Friendship Center 100 is that each member commits to an annual term of partnership in which they will be invited to quarterly events and will be expected to contribute $100-$150 each quarter.

For those that choose to support the Center in 2018, the center would like to offer you a Thank you gift. Each new supporter that commits to one year of support will receive a FREE Friendship Center T-Shirt, 5 Inspiring Films from the Kendrick Brothers and an ESV Bible.

Those interested, please contact the center at ministry@friendshipbaptistcenter.org and be signed up TODAY!!!!!

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